Weird Spam

I actually wrote this a couple of months ago, but I was too shy to post it then.

I get the occasional weird spam mails that are sent to the alexandria-list-owner and I’m not sure if I can safely spam them in Gmail, so I end up reading a lot of interesting spam1. Most of the spam are about penis enlargement and viagra and are notable mainly for the creative euphemisms employed and the awesome shame tactics. Every once in a while I’ll open my inbox to something like this:

Stop being the weakling you are today.

Ouch. More recently, the spam has been related to fictional future events, apparently part of the Storm Worm, which Bruce Sterling has been following pretty closely. For example, I’ll get one that says:

Terrible earthquake devastated Beijing

with text “A new deadly catastrophe in China”. If you click through there will be a link to see videos, and this link will contain an .exe, which is how the worm spreads. The link, btw, is to an IP address which makes me wonder if the worm contains a small web server serving from a computer’s dynamic IP (cuz that would be smart).

Anyway, I got this new one today that struck me with its laughably hostile tone. It’s very rude and obscene, which is why I’m linking to the image. In other words, it’s NSFW: link. Tell me it doesn’t make you laugh a little with its absurdity.

  1. Obviously, I could have it not show up in my inbox, so I must have some purely sociological interest in it []
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