A minor victory.

For a long time now I’ve been somewhat of a GTD guy, although I’m not religious about it and I’ve never been quite able or willing to implement it fully. Basically, all this means is that I keep a todo list that I review when I’m feeling conscientious about my life1. One of the tasks that has been sitting in my list for a long time is Migrate old blog articles. Now I can cross it off! Look, I’m crossing it off: Migrate old blog articles. God, that was satisfying.

Yes, I finally managed to import all the posts from my old Textpattern blog2. These go back to the days when I was working at National Geographic in DC, and had a lot of free time during work hours to do fun things like investigate cmses and purchase web domains.3 Some of them are written in a half-ironic high philosophic tone, others are intended to express minimalist pathos.

This minor victory was achieved not without some casualties. I have a peculiar knack for smashing up virtual servers4 , clobbering databases and borking filesystems. So, uhh, I’m very sorry but we lost the old comments.

  1. Actually, I keep several todo lists, which is a big no-no in GTD. I use Tomboy on my laptop and stikkit.com when I’m at work. []
  2. Some of them reference pictures that I’ll have to dig up and upload. []
  3. That’s the origin of the name Stupid Idea. The original stupid idea was to create a website that would be a kind of clearing house for “stupid” ideas — ideas that were deeply flawed but worth preserving on and improving. There was a MediaWiki installation that held about 100 articles before I switched web hosts. []
  4. Try this on a Linux host that you have root access on: `sudo rm -rf /`. Note: please don’t. []
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