Raspberry Pi wifi+ssh connection disconnecting (Ourlink rtl8192cu)

I started playing around with a new Raspberry Pi 2 that arrived yesterday. I had used a Beaglebone before (always connected to ethernet) so I knew what to expect in terms of memory and CPU limitations. What surprised me was how flaky ssh connections were when connected over wifi using this USB wifi dongle (an Ourlink RTL8188CUS/RTL8192cu chipset) from […]


I mean to write some longer pieces here soon. I’ve put some energy into various posts on forum.stupididea.com. I would especially recommend the links category, which is where I put interesting things that I find through my feed reader. I also write over at my company’s blog on software development topics, mostly Ruby-related:  http://wegowise.github.io/. When I write over […]

Review of It’s Complicated, by danah boyd

http://www.amazon.com/Its-Complicated-Social-Lives-Networked/dp/0300166311 (This book is actually available for free download here: http://www.danah.org/itscomplicated/, though it would be good to support her work if you like it.) The remarkable thing about It’s Complicated is that danah boyd actually talks to teenagers for her findings. As she describes the different popular attitudes and beliefs about teens and social media […]


Somebody asked me to make a list of webcomics that I subscribe to (using Feedly these days) and I started writing little descriptions next to each one. I figured I’d just place it here in case anyone else is interested. These are the webcomics that have made the cut after having tried out and abandoned […]


My new work is great1. The main thing I like about it is the consummate professionalism of the team. Everyone I work with is interested in improving their craft and is eager to engage in discussions about software principles, code quality, development processes and tools. In general there is a noticeable group ethos that seems guided […]