Site Idea

Site allows users to enter their “cultural genetic code”; it consists of a humongous catalog of beliefs, attitudes, values, described responses to hypothetical situations, etc. For example, a user would subscribe to the statement, “It’s not okay to treat a waiter badly because of a mistake in the order.” and a thousand other statements1 . […]

Mos Def

Is it bad that I really like this lyric? You kind of have to hear it. From Close Edge: I’m Mos Definite, not think so Flood ya city with the black ink flow And my crew ain’t scared to let them things go So, stop with the nonsense, like he conscious I’m just alright dawg, […]

What’s this?

I just got this at the top of a search for “ruby rake” on Google. Ruby — Rake: 4 According to – More sources » The url under “More sources” goes here. All I can figure is that this is some kind of authority thing, or like the wtf feature on Technorati. jimweirich is […]