Helpful commands

As a follow-up to my last post here are some commands that I use throughout the day. They are admittedly nothing special but they help me out. .bashrc aliases: alias grc=’git rebase –continue’ alias gca=’git commit -a –amend’ alias gs=’git status -sb’ alias gd=’git diff’ alias gsn=’git show –name-only’alias grc=’git rebase –continue’ alias gca=’git commit -a […]

Rails and Ext non-Ajax Signup Form with Password Confirmation

This is, uh, a technical post. Probably there are others who want to do the same somewhat senseless thing: use Ext to do form validation while keeping a boring non-Ajax post-and-response. The bottom line is that Ext favors doing it the Ajax way, and the Ajax way isn’t that hard to set up with Rails […]

Setup for Alexandria Development: Part II

(…after too much grief today installing Mephisto and mucking with Apache virtualhosts; I’ll get Part I back from the ether eventually) Update: Done. Update: This is a post moved over from the short-lived Mephisto blog, and ported back in time. First of all, the alexandria binary is just a ruby script that does a require […]