Installing Ubuntu Pangolin on Beagle Bone

Just a quick note if you’re like me and you want to put Ubuntu on your Beagle Bone. The Beagle Bone is a sweet little palm-sized motherboard/processor guy that’s nice for little hardware projects. It comes with the Angstrom operating system loaded onto the SD card. This operating system was fine for initial development but I […]

Site Idea

Site allows users to enter their “cultural genetic code”; it consists of a humongous catalog of beliefs, attitudes, values, described responses to hypothetical situations, etc. For example, a user would subscribe to the statement, “It’s not okay to treat a waiter badly because of a mistake in the order.” and a thousand other statements1 . […]

Movie Idea

The title of the movie is Dog Whistle. The main character is a young Arab-American slacker who generally tries to keep his head down and avoid any kind of social engagement. His life changes when he gets into a minor fender bender at a gas station. The other driver, a middle-aged white man in a […]