A Necessarily Incomplete Guide to What’s Going On: I

Of the two worlds available, the more intriguing one at the moment is the Internet. A crank calls it the “second spectral world that spins parallel to our own, the World Wide Web’’, but it might more cannily be described as the global subconscious. Not in the sense of a dirty, barbaric child subconsciousness that …

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From the wiki: An Ethos in Bullet-point Form! Remember: This is the site’s ethos, not yours. You go be how you want. Moral with respect to human suffering. Amoral with respect to nature, God, propriety, order and prudence. Belief in omnipresent, beneficent Doability. Idealist in dreaming phase. PMA in planning phase. Realist in prescription phase. …


(Don’t worry, this is not a poem. This is an unordered list) religion technology worklife labor unions family sex travel disease medicine dispersion population economics environment magazines movies television internet computer game pornography accidents war nuke democracy equality music (ragtime, jazz, rock, hiphop) information science automobile decolonization ideology women’s lib civil rights movement conservativism communism …


A remarkable quote: “Everyone seems to be getting gas; some people from watching their speculation, errr, investment in Stupididea.com vaporize, but mainly from the markets suddenly waking up to the realization that while gasoline prices may have dropped post-Iraq, natural gas prices are holdings their highs.” – Harry Koza , Buy Bonds, Wear Diamonds


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