Idea Quickie: Event Wiki Site

Okay, so events are past public occurrences that get a URL. E.g., “a man who was wearing a gaudy green coat and playing a ukelele that disturbed people in the cafe at X.” In the case of crimes, these events would be linked to a crime report. But mostly the wiki page for an “event” would be for people to share an account about it, put a picture or video to it, etc. And there could be an interface that would essentially try to pinpoint events as an intersection between a timespan and a location. So this could really involve a Google maps mashup with two controls, an area box selector and a timerange selector. These would bring in sub- or dependent events from any larger set of events affecting the area. So for example, “the car crash at 6:15pm outside of the music festival venue (which occurred all day)” could coexist with the nearby event “woman who flashed traffic at 6:15pm outside of the music festival venue…”. Something like that. It would be a system that could report on mundane “shared urban events” or on crimes or on historical incidents. The main user story would be something like “I saw something remarkable today and wondered if others saw it and knew more about it; I went to the URL and shared a detail that only I noticed.” This is something that happens with local or topical blogs where an entry will become the canonical comment point for a public event, with the blog entry itself being updated through the incorporation of information from the comments.

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