My life continues apace. At the moment, I’m looking for a job for the summer and onward1 , hopes fairly high. Going to Hawaii on Tuesday2.


  • obsessive behavior
  • competence?
  • health?

An example of the first is the playing of this game. Probably I get in at least one game a day, usually more. A game will usually last an hour, but some games go much longer. Also, my computer is supposed to prevent me from typing/mousing for more than hour, and I will click to bypass its 3 minute break message for hours on end. You read me? Sometimes, say at periods like this when I’m trying to get on to the next thing, I “invest” my mind in the internet, just as during the semester I invested it in academic philosophy. That is, I try to catchup with the flow of information, trends, etc., at least in the domains I care about (mostly opensource software and some world affairs). What really happens is that my hands start hurting and I lose my attention span.

My sense of the second comes from a sudden improvement in my ability to “see” code. I made this portfolio site to show potential employers. It’s in PHP, which I don’t really know, but it’s logic, so I can hack out something like that with a little investigation of the syntax and standard libraries. I’ve also been writing a userspace driver for a usb device (the famous AgileLamp USB Lava Lamp!), which has been a really mysterious, frustrating process where I’ve ended up experimenting with several language bindings for the woefully under-documented libusb library. I ended up falling back to the original C library itself, and found that it’s no more or less understandable as logic than Ruby or Python (although as human-readable code C sucks). So it’s a sense of, if it’s code then it’s hackable. During the spring semester I got this way with writing philosophy papers, since these papers are all supposedly supposed to be publishable. I can take apart a topic and discuss it in a learned fashion for 15+ pages3. I’d like to get this way with electronics and maybe languages4.

By the last I only mean that I really enjoy riding around town on my bike. I have a route to school and can get to a couple interesting neighborhoods from my home. By health I do not mean not eating Jalapeno Cheetoses. Also, Amy and I found a very cheap pizza place that delivers, called Maximum Flavor. Their flavor truly cannot be surpassed. Attempts have been made, and all have failed, with tragic, often fatal, results. Pretty good pizza.

Anyways5, I’ll try to write here more, generally on more limited, technical topics, because “I’m just not that disclosive”6. Look at the timestamp on this post and you’ll get a sense of where I’m at, psychophysically. My wrists hurt and my eyes are burning/droopy.

  1. I will learn the formal rule for when to use onward vs. onwards. []
  2. Because I am wealthy and carefree. []
  3. Which points to how silly “philosophy” is as a discrete academic domain. So just say this: all knowledge-endeavor is in the domain of philosophy, but not all endeavors are sufficiently philosophically reflective. This means: there shouldn’t be any philosophy grads, but other disciplines should be required to be much deeper about what they’re doing, e.g., law. []
  4. I know my best years for this are behind me. sniff []
  5. I will learn the formal rule for when to use anyway vs. anyways. []
  6. As Joe is wont to say about himself []
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