Conditions of a Universal Philosophy

A bogus sketch:

Unity and Occupation, and quality thereof.

Quality as:

  • For Unity: Perceptibility, Comprehensibility, and Sympathy.
  • For Occupation: Interaction, Continuity and Enjoyment.


  • Unity: Partial (subjective) perceptibility, full (a priori/rational) comprehension, partial (intellectual/moral) sympathy.
  • Occupation: No interaction, eternal continuity, partial (intellectual) enjoyment.
  • Embodiment: Supreme Rational Being
  • Activity:


  • Unity: Full (systematic) perceptibility, full (intelligible/rational) comprehension, self-same sympathy (zero or total).
  • Occupation: Full interaction, limited continuity (closure and horizontal development), self-same enjoyment (zero or total).


  • Unity: Full (systematic) perceptibility, partial (economic/material-rationalistic) comprehension, partial (social/moral) sympathy.
  • Occupation: Partial (material) interaction, limited continuity (closure and horizontal development), partial (physical) enjoyment


  • Unity: (Paradoxical) perceptibility, No comprehension (leap of faith), full (religious) sympathy.
  • Occupation: Full (spiritual) interaction, No continuity (no principle), partial (mystical) enjoyment.
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